Trip to Bergamo City.

25 May

I am writing this in a train heading back to Turin where i live. i had a reunion with one of my long term best
best friend forever (BFF)..she came to visit europe and ofcourse included me on her to do yeah, i enjoyed the trip, her company and it was the greatest reunion ever!Bergamo is really nice place, its like located between mountains and it has great views!. we stayed in a bed and breakfast thing which was actually a silo..who cares! it was still awesome
check below i will put up some pictures .
so anyways while in the train i was busy jotting down some random thoughts. try reading through if you find the ideas
kinda like not of your taste just so got school plus dem finals to worry about,better get back to work.
thanks for dropping by though.

Everybody needs something to see, to feel, to prove and to have, to know the what do you believe in? what do you desire day in day out?… life has alot of details that you and me gotta think of, more keenly because if we live by wrong philosphy, we will never get there, there are many angels of dark disguised as angels of light to tear down man…and this days, there are lots of theories, facts and truths, stories which sometimes gets confusing like what is right and what is where and how and when: you are getting
the facts about life and directions really matters!. some say, we just live to the fullest and remain happy since
thats our primary desire in life to be happy and enjoy. one thing though, how do you achieve this fundamental value?
do we seek happiness by doing wrong but wait how do we even know we are doing wrong if everything seems right?
definetly we gotta find a way to look at this in more sensible and deep way… To my opinion i think, first we have like to look into things that make us as whole i.e.. whats your personality?what are things that define you well, because we all have different approaches in appreciating this gift of life. for example, for me each day its a new day for renewal of my mind and spirit and thinking of who i am… reminding myself i have tasks to accomplish in order to live my dream
in the near i work as hard as i can to start practising living the dream before i reach there. ok well, some
say perfection is related to our spiritual life since thats where we get the devine guidance to life..hmm, thats definetly
true though we have to think as whole since some folks dont even know what spiritual life is..(Atheists)..
Anyways lemme take the direction of spirituality coz i happen to be a christian..(sorry for any Atheist reading this). guess what! each and everyone of us we try our level best to get there, so for sure wisdom of man can also play a role here tho its kinda limited in some areas especially when situations start getting trickier and happenings which are not only a mystery but bunch of puzzles beyond your scope. so yup, lets do this. am writing this on my journey to Bergamo a city in north italy so am in a train no bible or anything to reference but lemme bring this to simple way so you can get
the clear picture of what i mean by seeking areas that will enhance perfection and finding the right ways of living
your life to the maximum. ok alot of people have problems with christians, i mean they think christianity is too harsh and some sort of sophisticated system to mantain and be part of their life since it has lots of rules and blah blah so they kinda feel closed up and limited to some extend! FAIL thats not true since my or OUR God has simple principle. we are made of His likeness and always wants the Best of us including being HAPPY!! so the rules or rather commandments that you see in christian bible are just cautions to areas that may get you into sin(problems)..look, God doesnt force anyone to do this and that. its all upon you. but why this rules? good question? so lets go back to the very initial stages?, i cant say am accurate here but by faith i believe..oops i just used the word faith which is another topic on its own..actually its by faith that we believe in this things.coz ask me this question.HAVe you ever seen your God? nOPe..then why do u believe in unseen?..yep its faith that makes me believe there exists a supreme being out there in charge of my life.hmm, not convinced yet? ok have you ever asked yourself ofcourse everyone has..where did this life originate from? why are we even exisiting? yeah, and what are your answers? well for me this is something i did several times because i am a very curious guy! i dont just start believing things without proof or facts. ok now am in a trouble..because if an non-believer reads will go straight to the question.what facts? buh..well its always about raw facts to enable you get some things right in life…especially in this situation. why do i say this. how old is our calendar? over 2000yrs old. which means since year 1 to this year 2009, alot of stories have been built up and mixed up and all tell me which facts are correct. just name a few.we have darwin’s theory about the origin of human kind, we have historical records, religous stories, and many more even some are just made up(lol). so all of them they dont entirely satisfy you why..camon, Science is not enough to explain everything that is happening in our lives? especially things not related to scientific views, nature and all that means we got to get somewhere THIS ANSWERS. so we go to the nearest facts source or rather some truths that take us somewhere. i am raised by a christian family and all the years we observe everything related to christianity but i went out of my way to really know whats up,
with this kind of worship or habit..thats when i met this “God” am about to tell you. so yup..i did alot of questions and got either half answers that kept me in doubts or no answers..ok let me know sound like Joseph Smith of church of Christ..or i dont know how they call themselves…mormons. ANYWAYS, so i started my adventures in seeking this God and doing reality check. my intention was not to proove that God doesnt exist or prove that all who call themselves christians  are wrong in doing it but rather doing a self discovery to really learn from this experience of “God”.so you can say i was an atheist that time..kind funny tho. so what happened? well, you start by attacking the enemy with Tools, you cant just go bare handed. so i took the book entitiled “the bible” i had come across it several times but never got interested so much in the stories like what exactly do they connect to my life. so i started reading from chapter one. and something unique about this aint just a book, its a library of has like everything! stories ranging all genres. i read as any other book for entertainment purposes not to criticize anything or proof..that was coming later after i have gone through the pieces.some writers were very funny, some really took life seriously 😛 lol, some were just enjoying narrating stuff you may think they just made it, seriously u better get a glimpse of this book.
warning: read it first for entertainment purposes, i promise at first it will look kinda boring..but go to the poems and songs..the section of songs of solomon. then do psalms but if you want u can jump this stages and go straight to digging deeper, understanding the meaning and trying to discover really why some people think this is the best book ever and most read in the entire world!. so after reading this book for entertainment purposes, i decided time to get deep and analyse things. First target. this man called Jesus! i was really curious who is this guy, why is he so special and so i want first to disaproof or rather look for a loophole somewhere in the sense that,either he never existed or they got it wrong.. so i went straight to this authors, mark,Luke,John and Mathews. they all mention Jesus so i wanted to get something from them we go, mark says something different from Luke in the sense of the origin of Jesus like his i got excited, atleast now i have a starting point.TIME OUT. check carefully what exactly this two folks are trying to bring out the story.Luke was a Historian so he was really good at giving all the stories well explained in detaisl.Mark was just an evangilical…what do i mean, he was just interested in miracles  this guy did and was so excited so he left out other parts but concetrated on the works of Jesus while still on earth.
[:::::::: my battery died::::::]
i am back again.but i think i will go through again the whole thing and see whats up. being clear is my purpose. so i bounce for the way i made it safely to Bergamo!.

section of bergamo


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2 responses to “Trip to Bergamo City.

  1. Jane

    May 27, 2009 at 9:47 am

    This is really amazing!
    Your article is really enjoyable!!
    ooh great!!

  2. openda

    May 27, 2009 at 10:08 am

    thanks, am glad you enjoyed it!. 😉


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