the shadows of sababan nights..

22 Jun

I saw her coming, i knew my time had reached to really express myself.. she didnt see me so i took the advantage and hid behind the wall as i worked all the puzzles in my head. she got everything from the top to bottom, they sent the signals of big deal u wont afford to miss. i said to myself..”i can’t go on like this.let me take up my man in me and show her the meaning of it”.. i started walking down the path. she saw me and just smiled. i smiled back and increased my pace towards her.
It was such a warm day, not too much sun.In this small town of Ketweni, just located in the coast region of the country and the lovely breeze of ocean made everything perfect. This was where i was born before i moved out later and i have lived here for the past 25 years. i was raised here and i have all the reasons why i think this is my favorite place in the world. Its one of the old towns and not very busy with activities. My house was located few blocks from the home i saw her entering one of the evenings. there is only one path from the main street so i was guaranteed to see her each day if i happened to be at my house that time. she didn’t have very long hair and any decent woman would wear her hair long. But no one would ever mistake Amanda for a decent woman – and that physical look was only the start of it. i kept my observations a secret. kept being sneaky as i made sure i got the perfect shot right from my big room with the window that
faced directly into the ocean, as the streams of light pierced through the small openings letting in little brightness in my room. At first glance, i remained speechless, 5’7 tall, with a stunning look,a slovenly-glamorous woman with a very attractive body that fit perfectly with her dress; a fleshy, sensual body. when she smiled,she killed me softly as i took in this moments of wonderment..”what a beauty”.., her overall appearance brought out the natural perfect woman that will bring men to their knees begging for a night with her. she was adorable. i wondered, and kept asking myself lots of questions with no answers. what is she doing here? where is she from? has anyone noticed this or its just me?…i decided to let it go and just move on and assume that i never saw her. but her regular appearances, couldn’t stop me from sticking out my face and steal the show. it was just amazing thing that took place that evening which marked the first time i saw
This was my day off from work and I took advantage of the nice weather to relax under the shed as I listened to my favorite jams. My young brother arrived in shortly from boarding school for Christmas holidays. He was really happy to be back. My family is quite big, three brothers and two sisters. We were all happy for the family re union since all boarding schools which my siblings go for school took a break for holidays. Other than that my thoughts about Amanda were still on and I made up my mind to start getting answers to the questions. Our compound is quite big, two big mansions, and with one beach house design which belonged to me. It was recently built and I really liked the design. My friends liked so much. They found reasons to pay me a visit just to hang out with me. And enjoy the comfort. I finally decided I will wait for her to appear then just approach and talk to her directly. As I positioned myself inside our compound where I could see clearly the path she uses to get to her new home. So I keep my eyes on look out to make sure I don’t miss her. As time ticked away, the sun was going down beyond the ocean. The sky was beautiful. Shades of purple and pink, orange and red, a few really dark blotches, and a bit of yellow were reflected in the water. I checked my time, evening was slowly creeping in and it would be soon dark and unfortunately she never showed up. All my waiting was in vain. But I didn’t lose hope, I walked to the main house to spent the rest of the evening with my family and have dinner since I was lazy when it came to cooking for myself. The next day was a Saturday so my weekend had officially started. I didn’t have any plans that Friday night so I stayed indoors, and watched couple of movies. Later on I retired to bed, exhausted and very sleepy. It was a quite night except the sound of cars passing through the lifeless road once in a while. The next day I was wakened up by the sound of cars, and the birds. Normally, I wake up gradually to the brain squeezing sound of my alarm clock at 5 in the morning to get ready for work. The alarm doesn’t bother me because of the sound, but rather because of the horribly busy day it ushers in. on Saturday morning, I make sure no alarms. Now that it’s a weekend, it’s just a day to relax. I didn’t have any plans yet. As I stagger out of my bed my eyes feel like they are being crushed by the light that pierces so sharply through my window. I wince and turn away from the window and slowly trod into the bathroom. My neck is crackly and sore from sleeping on it the way I did. I turn my head to the left and right and feel the muscles loosen as the bones crack in a low, wet popping sound.
I hear a knock on the front door as I step out of the shower. The cool air of the tiled room is a refreshing contrast to the thick, hot moisture from the shower stall. I wrap a towel around my waist and answer the door. It’s my lovely young sister, Tracy. She just came to make sure I was up and ready to hear her stories about school. I started getting ready to start my day with breakfast. Everyone was awake. The day looked promising. I walked out of the compound closing the gate behind me as I walked slowly along the path that actually led to the home I supposed Amanda was living there. My intention was to visit my friend who lived in the same direction and if I was luck in enough bump into this beautiful lady that took my attention. As I kept walking, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned my neck to check who it was……….

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