What do you believe?

05 Jul

_”——-Inspired by a gospel rap artists..i edited their message to share with you— what do you believe in? and what you believe in does it affect you positively or negatively and why? If you don’t believe in anything atleast there is something you feel inside that drives you to what you do each day…….”

What do you believe?
“Everybody needs something to see, Something to feel, something to be, something as proof, something in hand to know the truth.
Living lavish like the Biltmore, what the blood spilt for? A ship in harbor is safe but that ain’t what it’s built for. Do all I can to help you get more If you forgive my slight intrusion I see this night is confusing. A constant fight with illusions shed a light on conclusions. What you desire is the only way out, day in and day out. How long will you let the torture grasp you? I see spirits manifesting, Blocking blessings with the questions That you hear me ask you. Stay alert since so much will pass you….. You can make it on a prayer Yeah that’s true , barely getting by. …. when you can do more Why would you want to forget that the wood’s dry and the fire’s on you. This Life is a hassle and Be prepared to rassle. It can be rough But it doesn’t mean you cant make it full of
smiles…..Something to laugh to…. There’s a way that seems right In the heart of a man and many angels of light In disguise destroying man So most chose to refuse The absolute truth Replace it with lies Use ignorance as excuse…… It’s hard to conceive What the mind can’t comprehend and harder to believe What the eyes can’t understand. We look to theory, philosophies and thought , for a sure foundation In a belief we once sought While the shadow of truth Cast an image so clear The closer it gets . We reject it out of fear. If we really wanted the truth We would give our lives for it…..Walk in its direction of light For God’s glory ….The saga continues Cause most hearts are deceived If we really wanted truth We would live and believe in it…..

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