Travelling from Toronto to Torino……..summer 09

29 Aug

As the nice kenyan music could be heard in the background and as the car roared itself on the highway…The journey to Gorebay just started!. So far i love this place
been here only 5 days and what i have gone through is mind breaking and fills all the gaps
entitled “the additional views” in short being in a multicultral countries like this
u get what we call a ” welcome home” feeling ……all over again full of excite
ment!… i will live to remember this days spent in Barrie area and Ontario providence!

July 23rd 13HRS 09…the plane touches toronto pearson intl. Airport. i look outside
the day is bright..taxing. . my dearest friend is waiting to pick me up though i have to go through the customs and stuff.That already the crowd i can spot
her! its been 2 yrs. THe REUNION came in and that was an exciting moment…


Life is good i would say…hmm, well this is really awesome that i get a chance to see
places within a short time. anyways back to how i feel about my stay in T and ontario area
general. so well, the next day, we went to WASAGA beach area, did a little bit of shopping.. then dinner
the beach area is really nice!, its a great place to do shopping and chill out as you enjoy the view
of the lake!.practically it was friday and we didnt do much but all in all it was great.
I slept a happy guy :). then the next day SATURDAY we did blueJays Game and dont forget
DOwntown! … i loved it.
Sunday..we did the concerts and that includes seeing AKON,PITBULL. BASS HUNTER summer rush09….

so Monday, as am writing this..we are on our 6 hrs trip down the road heading north.
to the island.

Finaly arrived to my destination! Gore bay located on Manitoulin island the largest fresh water island in the world!
its been days out a week now. and its been the greatest experience so far. As i join the peaceful and friendly
people, days unfold to the best moments that as i cherish and enjoy the holiday spent in northern Ontario!.
ok so what exciting thing i have done…lets see.. nightlife=wicked! there are bunch of festivals going on here and its all party time baibe!. what else can u do if you have the best people around you making sure
you have good time! “home” away from Home. i have eaten the best far. i think i will be gaining weight in a few.

well, this island is very beautiful and its more of country so you cant expect big towns.. like gore bay population as little as 900 people so pretty much
everyone know each other!…… hunting also exists here big time..i got a chance to go into the wild and have a look at the hunting trails.
amazing stuff to check out!. what esle.? i saw this quote in a restaurant.. (a woman is like a tea bag.when put in hot water thats when you know how
strong she is).not bad quote u know..who cares.

Days started rolling in as i tried to enjoy every moment of my stay in this island!. I cant note down
everything i did because thats way long… but i will grasp important ones. stay with me. and follow my
story as it builds up!. so the idea that people are friendly out here, gives you room to really interact, socialize ….because of this i have made
alot of friends. i have learned alot from them and it has opened a new way of looking at somethings in life. this is exactly what i have always wanted.
that room to share opinions and learn from others!. anyways, you gotta love the food out here, coffee, the view of the lake, the
NIGHTLIFE!..(am just in my 20s
so i guess, have a right to mention some of my fun life. LOL )

at some point i did Horse back riding in a small town “KAGAWONG” on the island. which was a fun!.. it was my first time… so u can call me cowboy for now.JK.
most of the days, i would drive down to my friends business area and so on.. chill out on the lake and later in the rides. and so on.
dont forget swimming as well…

more is coming…..stay tuned!

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