What factors lead to prosperity, progress and human flourishing?

28 Oct

What factors lead to prosperity, progress and human flourishing?

Prosperity is defined as good fortune or accomplishment, victory or as simply successfulness. Addressing this to the humanity as a whole, then a lot of factors have to be considered. But before we look at the factors,  we have to keep in mind that human flourishing means that we have attained a peak of development in all areas of humanity that is economic growth (we are stable), in the field of productions, social stability as in interactions despite of different cultures and backgrounds, arts, literature, health, best legal systems to protect us (justice for all) and many more important ones.

Therefore this is will be a big change because we are moving from porverty, social instability, economic instability, unstable political structures, and legal systems to better ones to fight for our rights.

First of all let’s look at the following factor, the relationship between social stability and the protection of basic human rights. If we look at the situation in the several Nations of the World we could assert that social instability means violation of basic human rights, while  social stability is guarantee of the same ones.

Sure in the war situations that plague several areas of the globe these rights are not respected and its like such kind of rights don’t exist. Therefore the population (the people) is denied the possibility of living a “present”  of peace and security in which not only being able to exercise the  true Justice , but also the possibility to think of a future, to make plans for ” himself” and the sons.Makes us conclude that to this population life knows only the present dimension; the only worry is the survival. And this denies not only the rights of those specific people, in that specific zone, in that specific time, but all denies the rights of the humanity. The potentialities of every single individual of that population cannot develop. In this way it is precluded the possibility to enjoy the changes, improvements, the innovations that such potentialities could carry.

Taking instead in consideration the social stability, we could assert that this is present also in periods of dictatorship. Let’s think to the communist block during the Cold War. The social stability was to the maximum levels because the State controlled everything, every movement and every chosen of the individuals, but just for this the rights of the men weren’t respected. So for us to achieve human flourishing we have to consider how basic rights are protected and the social stability not only to the present but to the future also. On the other hand the role of liberty, cultural beliefs or values with respect to human flourishing has to come in. our differences are defined by our backgrounds that is the cultural beliefs, values which are very important they preserve what it is there.

It is only with the freedom of expression, the possibility of comparison and knowledge of other opinions, ideas and realities that  singles, and therefore the humanity, can grow and develop from it. That means if we have a way of expressing ourselves without limits with respect to our culture and beliefs then we can share a lot among ourselves to archive what we want. And this means to have greater possibilities to develop ideas that can carry to human flourishing.

So this brings us to one question. How will we put these ideas together to realize our goals? Ok that’s simple we can have movements, organizations tackling specific areas to solve social problems. Keeping in mind also how incentives guide people and institutions? The first interest that a person pursues is her own interest. The person cannot pursue those of the entire humanity or social groups if her interests aren’t guaranteed. In Italy it is of these days the problem of the “escape of the brains”. Young researchers, in other foreign countries are adequately paid and valued, while in Italy they receive a wage that is not sufficient neither for themselves, impossible for a family. And so we have two orders of problems: from a part the cultural and scientific enrichment is denied, from the other also the human one. These people are forced to leave Italy or go on with their jobs but with few results considering the little possibilities. The impossibility to create a family prevents to enrich the society of the potentialities that can come from children growing, and determines an individualistic and egoist society.

So if we have a society that is balanced in that we all get what we deserve then working towards achieving human flourishment and better lives will be much easier so personal interests matters and they must come first and if they are treated well then the problem as whole is solved.

As much as we are working toward big change, let’s not forget some factors that stand to encourage or discourage for example let’s see what, literature, and news media encourage or discourage certain kinds of change. If the media and the arts are independent from the power they can encourage positive changes. Arts and literature teach the taste for the beautiful or they can be the voice of the truth and make people reflect on the things. The meeting with arts and literatures of different cultures helps also to know other cultures and to accept them reducing the racism and ethnocentrism. Also media can avoid serving the power and denouncing all the situations that are against the human developing. But lot of the media doesn’t work in this way. They tell only about the situations that have consequences for the countries they belong to. For example western countries have forgotten the wars that we still have in numerous areas of the world and speak only about the crisis in those regions in which they have interests. Also as much as media is the most source of information and entertainment it stands to a place of shaping society in the way to look at things. I mean if u sit back on your seat and watch TV, and they keep on insisting on something, you will definitely find a reason to believe because what comes in your mind is that what they have to say is true and what is really happening, therefore you stand at a danger incase they feed you stuff that will reshape your look at things in general. The saddest thing, through media most people have forgotten to maintain who they are. They want to be what media exposes them to. I mean media should just play one role, a source of empowerment, reliability and hope to the society so that whatever we are working on can be archived.

Last but not least, let’s look at the role of money, trade, or property rights in economic growth. Money is any token or other object that functions as a medium of exchange that is socially and legally accepted in payment for goods and services and in settlement of debts. Money also serves as a standard of value for measuring the relative worth of different goods and services and as a store of value. And how is it related to human flourshment. Obviously if we have stable economic growth then we will say we are moving in a good direction towards archiving the change. If our governments accept the reality that trade is one of the major strong pillars of our economy then if they come together and have what we call free area trading as much as trade rights of each country are kept intact. This will increase the value of our currency in each country. And it will strengthen relationships between the countries participating. If we have such ties then working together to solve a problem will be much as easier than doing things independently as a country and looking down at some counties which have not attained the same level. That is if we picture at a global level. At a country level, how the government treats that trader also matters. The government should stand in to support its traders, their trade rights and monitor the buying and selling. Like in some counties especially Africa, a trader walks miles to trading center due to lack of better transportation means and he/she get taxed highly and at the end of the day he/she gets less profit hence this discourages human flourishment. I strongly believe that the above  factors  if attention is paid well, then the road towards a prosperous, healthy, balanced society  and human flourishing  will become easier .

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