double T …its all about Ts for now…summer 09

31 Oct

IMG_2477The day of departure from T town (Toronto ) to T town(Torino) started with a good start. Had a kickass breakfast at friend’s house. ..Thereafter,  Went straight to University of Toronto and did a campus tour. well, i must admit its way better than the college am schooling at the moment… in terms of size and location. I wish i could study right in the heart of the city. I enjoyed the views and i can say, if i get a chance to do grad school in canada..that will be number one choice. After couple hours, with nothing in place yet..we decided to head down for movies. cineplex cinemas and that time “District 9” had just been released out so i couldn’t wait to see it on Big screen! an awesome movie!,…i totally recommend!. This was my last day in Canada. very sad but again exciting … i had so much fun! and i will always get there in near future!

After the movies, we strolled a bit here and there….just passing the moment. There are a lot of things happening, so much to see…..well, i was to catch up with my host friend who was to drive me to the airport to catch the plane to Amsterdam. The timing wasn’t bad. The amazing moments, that i enjoyed in T town…became clear as we drove to the airport..i couldn’t believe that my time was up already!. I had fallen  in love with this “melting pot” city…City that is defined by different cultural backgrounds, the spirit of togetherness, and tranquility of business centers by all walks of life. Toronto is the perfect place to be. …..I finally boarded my plane and as i sat on my window seat(23 A KLM), tired but with mixed reactions…Happy mood and sad ones…for my tremendous holiday coming to an end. To sum it up,  I just loved ..the idea of meeting so many people and learning from them and adding to the list of amazing friends!….made this summer a memorable one!.Thanks to all people who became part of my fun experience.




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