End year Thoughts…..2009 coming to an end..———Welcome—> 2010!!!

01 Jan

As am writing this am very excited, for its already 2010!!…. well, goodbye 2009. its was a pleasure rolling with you with everything i stumbled through with this kind of life. For me, it has been a year full of interesting things happening.I have gone through the good and the bad, which is the nature of life anyways,..gotta expect everything as it comes.we don’t plan for anything to happen. Things just happen. As a blogger, i like to keep my thoughts clear, saved and in written form. Recently, i came up with an idea of doing video logs of some of my experiences while abroad and so far its going on well. Its another year, of staying away from home, from my close relations. because am grounded here with the mission of trying to get my university education. My life in italy inspires me alot…every life detail i go through here, opens my eyes and start looking at life differently. I don’t know exactly what is so special about this kind of life but i feel, its a journey that will result to a great story in the end. ..a story that will live inside me forever. 2009, for real, just marked another full year that i will live to remember… at some went really fast and then slowed down a bit… all i can say, as we celebrate every new year that comes, lets remember that, its just another amazing opportunity, to think again about our life, our progress, its a chance for us to recover from mistakes or places that took us in a wrong path, another chance to grow wiser, fine tune our focus and above all become better persons in the society.. Its not just a routine thing..buts its a point in life to make really serious reflections and keeping the dreams alive!, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! HAPPY 2010! May we all live to see our ambitions and dreams come to reality!.
—-Mahalo —

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