14 Jan

I don’t do music reviews, but felt like featuring my friend Kay Jones here. Here is some info about her. To my opinion its a great song and i wish her all the best in her music career . To listen to the song, click the following link. Enjoy!

Kay Jones is a young inspiring singer/songwriter/actress who was born in Ohio but grew up in Tampa, Florida. This humble, down to earth, talented singer grew up with a passion for the art and found herself wanting more. With many inspirations, such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and the Dells,she began to persue a serious career in music. Throughout the years while maintaining school and work Kay Jones found herself mingling and meeting others who had the same passion, thus leading to her working with various local artists and appearing in music videos. Currently working with Producer/Artist Jamez Anthony the Puppetmastar Kay Jones recently released her anticipated hit single “OPERATOR”. Kay Jones maintains working on future singles to be released along with her album titled “THE KAY JONES CONNECTION”. Various artists she has worked with locally in Tampa are John Weseley, she is featured on a song called “PUTTIN ONNA SHOW”, RnB artist Demont, Prime and Producer/Artist JAMEZ ANTHONY THE PUPPETMASTAR. Kay Jones is featured on and has made tracks on various mixtapes that have been released the titles were “The Redtape/Mixtape” and “Take Ova 3” which is due to release out soon. Along with music she has also been working on expanding her career to acting. She has appeared in various music videos which include talented rapper PLIES in the video “I AM THE CLUB” where she meet Director KOACH K RICH and appears in his upcoming movie titled “AFTER HOURS” and also local artists J DAWG in “LEAN IN THE NOOKIE” and JOHN WESELEYS “CHANGE MY LIFE”. Kay Jones uses her singing talent and writing ability to bring forth a new sound that will inspire others to think outside the box.

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