28 Jan


Sometimes… the only languages in which two people can communicate are laughter and tears. They are, quite simply, the most powerful languages on Earth.

Sometimes… the only people who are willing to give the shirts off their back are the ones who only have one shirt to their name.

Sometimes… having "things" may satisfy you for a short while, but you can never expect to have "things" fulfill you eternally. They will just leave you empty and wanting more.

Sometimes… life can be difficult. But, there’s no reason to stop smiling. Accept pain, feel it, and then move on.

Sometimes… age is only a number. Friends can be found at nearly any age.

Sometimes… we need to stop worrying about ‘ourselves’ and start thinking about ‘others’. It is easy to think we are the only ones who matter, when in reality we are only here to serve God’s will.

Sometimes… we need a paradigm shift. Don’t get caught up in the drama, the he said, she said. Only know a person through your personal experiences, not others.

Sometimes… we need to start seeing the world in a fresher light. Find whatever it is that makes you happiest and keep doing it… over and over and over again because you will never tire of it, and you will only find yourself the happiest you’ve ever been.

Sometimes… we need to stop buying and consuming and just be.

Sometimes… being ‘independent’ doesn’t mean running away from others. It means making an agreement with yourself and the world that you won’t stop searching until you have found true joy.

Sometimes… all you can do is smile, smile, smile!

Sometimes… the key in life is to find people who appreciate the same things you do. Whether it be God, family, dogs, the ocean, whatever, find those who believe in the same ideals, surround yourself with their presence, and never, ever let go.

Sometimes… love is simple. It is a beautiful, natural, effortless part of life. Don’t complicate it. Embrace it; don’t ever run away from love.

Sometimes…the moments that linger the most in your mind are those where laughter fills the air.

Sometimes… saying goodbye shouldn’t be an easy thing to do.

Sometimes… you should be friendly to strangers. You never know when a new friend is sitting right next to you on the bus.

I bounce for now…

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