STRANGE {—->Day 2<—–}

02 Mar

I am writing this entry while waiting on my Bus few minutes class begins..yeah, i go to school..gotta attend them classes before i get into trouble..(them finals at the end of class work).. ok so back to STRANGE…, don’t you find it strange when all along in life, been trying to find a solution to something,  and then it happens after a while not so  immediate?. crazy huh? wait, did that even make any sense?.. Ok let me start again…let’s say you are trying to solve an issue grrr….whats wrong with me, this morning. its like i have this mind fog. Nothing is clear, can’t make a proper meaning out of my thoughts.Ok that’s strange! lol. seriously i think, STRANGE is not my topic. …. i hope next time..i will come up with something. why do i blog? because i like writing random stuff,  and i feel the  need of expressing them.  the Bus is here..gotta run!.. catch you later. please note…I wrote this from my blackberry ..quite uncomfortable. ..

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