Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic —–> check out pics in special blog entries section!<<<——

08 Mar

I am writing this inside the plane on my way back to Italy from Prague (Praha), Czech Republic.What an awesome and memorable weekend! spent in this amazing, beautiful, full of history City!.. Great food, beer, the famous Charles Bridge, summed up to unforgettable experience. What made this weekend very special is the fact that i was reuniting with a friend after 8 years! thats A LONG time!. The said friend, caught up with me sometime back in my neighborhood..thats how our friendship started. That was way back in 2002. Anyways, back to my story about Praha…so what else was fun? well, before i left for Czech, that morning was full of craziness. So i set my alarm clock at 5 :20am ..woke up but took all my time to get ready, like not rushing for anything….. hmm, that was a really bad idea..
i left my place of stay at 5:50 and the bus taking me to the airport(in a different city 2hrs away), leaves in 10 munites!! The distance from my apartment to the bus stop is about 20 mins guess what i did?..I RAN.. thanks to my long strides..i made it just when the door was closing(5:59)! as i took my seat, sweating, breathing really hard(getting some oxygen),..kept wondering what if i missed it!. The bus roared itself on the highway to Milan, as i enjoyed the music from my Ipod. so thats part 1 of my
craziness..check out part 2… after arriving at the Airport..after all the check Ins, security and stuff..ready to go to my gate, i realize am lacking my blackberry! ha!
you don’t wanna imagine how i looked like in that moment! damn! i went through a serious denial, checked again my pockets, panic again!, then start wondering what to do next!..totally crazy!.
.so i decide to walk back to the security check Ins…man, i value so much my has like everything, i use it to write some blog entries too!.
So this random dude, gives me his phone to call mine.. it rings but no one is picking. I assumed, i must have left inside the bus. Went back very fast! and lucky was vibrating on the floor inside the bus! plus the bus was still around!.. i finally relaxed!. went back..did the same process again then finally boarded my plane to prague! After 1hr, we land in P town.. i go straight to the ATM, grab some money (1000 crowns) then off to my friend’s school. The said friend teaches there!.It was so exciting to meet again!. As the hours keep rolling, I enjoy my new Environment!. After watching the high school kids play..”Romeo and Juliet” on the stage. we start moving to my friend’s place.
Food here? please note—> it made the highlight of the weekend.(Ribs +beer =best Lunch!).after all, this country is well known for the best Beer!.
There are a lot of exciting things to share here but will do them in pieces…You must have heard of Charles bridge? check out the pics i posted on “special blogs entries”…and the castles? good stuff!. Ok now i sign off, we are preparing for landing!..can’t believe its this short!..i just started typing couple munites ago!.. what a great weekend!!
more to come.

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