Vintage London:Summer 2010 Travels.

29 Sep

Been slow with blogging lately.Thought of sharing with the world my London experience this past summer(2010). I enjoyed my summer break to the fullest. It was great travelling here and there and one of the places i visited was London!

London seems to be the capital of Europe (Melting pot). Well, at least that’s what i can conclude. Apart from it’s unpredictable weather and high cost of everything,  stands out as an awesome place to visit! There is so much one can do while in town! Regarding the weather: I have always heard from people talk about how rainy London is. I had to prove that to myself. How do you know you are in London?

Well, you are walking down the street and all over sudden everybody pulls out umbrellas and rain coats! ..Before you know it..starts pouring!. Crazy!  but then it lasts for a couple of minutes. Ok, this actually happened while in town and i didn’t have an umbrella w/ me.  All the days i was in town the skies remained grey! I have no problem with rain.  Just need to get used to this kind of weather. I took some pictures while in town!. Have a look..will post more in “special blog entries” section.  Catch you later in my next post.


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