Getting ready for 2012.

13 Nov

No forget the little rumor you heard about the world ending 2012. I am  having plans in store already!. I want to have one of the craziest-Epic filled adventures ever in my life!. Well, one of them is line with things i love doing and that’s TRAVELLING! Here are things i want to at least accomplish before the year ends:

1) Backpacking the entire African Continent from Egypt all the way to South-Africa.

2) While doing (1) help raise money for charities and be part of other exciting projects.

3) Document everything i do while at (1) that includes live updates. Video webcasts and so on.

4) White water rafting on River Nile!

5) Mounteering-on the highest mountain in Africa-Mt.Kilimanjaro!

6) And while at( 5) send a tweet announcing to the world my archievement! (yes internet works up there.I confirmed this).

Ok so thats the plan..Now to make it work gotta start preparing! Can’t wait!

(This post was done on a lazy saturday night. It’s always good to plan ahead even though we don’t know what tomorrow holds!.)

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