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I havent been here for a while now but am coming through in a few.  It has been the best summer holiday ever! chillin out in Canada and seeing places in Ontario!… am building up the story about the amazing time i have been out sure to check back  in couple days!.   … till then take care~ peace!


Some shots from T Town… A blog entry coming soon…stay tuned!

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Some shots from London:

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here is the   link to the entry about Prague:

check out pics in special blog entries section!<<Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic —–> check out pics in special blog entries section!<<<——

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double T …its all about Ts for now…summer 09





I recorded some videos…i will add them in a few…


SUMMER  2009  IN      ONTARIO -Canada……

{Great view of Gore Bay located in Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest Fresh water island!.}

As nice kenyan music could be heard in the background and as the car roared itself on the highway…The journey to Gorebay just started!. So far i love this place been here for 5 days so far and what i have gone through fills gap entitled “the additional views” in short being in a multicultral country like this you get what we call a ” welcome home” feeling ……all over again full of excitement!… i will live to remember the days spent in Barrie area and Ontario

Ok here is a brief breakdown of what went down. July 23rd 13HRS 09…Touchdown Toronto pearson intl. Airport. I look outside the day is bright..taxing. . my dearest friend is waiting to pick me up though i have to go through the customs and stuff.That already the crowd i can spot her! its been 2 yrs. The REUNION came in and that was an exciting moment…Of course we all love Reunions . The said friend is a special person in my life.

So how do i feel about my stay in and ontario area in general? well days started rolling in with different things to do.. the next day, we went to WASAGA beach area thats in Barrie ON..did a little bit of shopping.. ..the beach area is really nice!, its a great place to do shopping and chill out as you enjoy the view of the lake!

Next day SATURDAY we did the blueJays Game Downtown Toronto! … i loved it. To be honest it was my first time baseball game ever! and i was not impressed with the 4 hrs waiting for the game to finish lol.. Sunday..we did the concerts and that includes seeing AKON,PITBULL. BASS HUNTER Live @ summer rush09….i wonder how will summer rush2010 look like!. Hosted by Z103.5 fm. That was simpy Awesome experience!.

so Monday, as am writing this..we are on our 6 hrs trip down the road heading north to the island[please note this post was partly done inside the car drive]
… my final destination! Gore bay located on Manitoulin island the largest fresh water island in the world! will post here some pictures!..Amazing place. As i join the peaceful and friendly people, days unfold to the best moments making my holiday more fun in northern Ontario!.
ok so what exciting thing i have done…lets see…nightlife=wicked! there are bunch of festivals going on here and its all party time baby!. what else can occupy yourself if you have the best people around making sure you have good time! “home” away from Home?.

well, this island is very beautiful and its more of country so you cant expect big towns.. like gore bay population as little as 900 people so pretty much everyone know each other!……
Days started rolling in as i tried to enjoy every moment of my stay in this island!. I can’t note down everything i did because thats way too loooooong… but i will grasp important ones. stay with me. and follow my story as it builds up!. so the idea of people being friendly out here, gives you room to really interact, socialize ….because of this i made a lot of friends. i have learned a lot from them and it has opened a new way of looking at some things in life. This is exactly what i have always wanted, that room to share opinions and learn from others!. anyways, you gotta love the food out here, coffee, the view of the lake, the NIGHTLIFE!..(am just in my 20s so i guess, i have a right to mention some of my fun life. right? )


[Below is a short  interview—–>ITALY–>>> ]

Why did you choose or how did you end up in Italy?

good question.   the thing is when i was getting ready for university,  i had set all my mind on schooling abroad and i didn’t have a particular country in mind yet. although US was like the very first choices..i guess because most people go there for school and so on. Anyways, so after i finished high school i started my university searches, around the world. I didn’t mind where i would end up to so that’s why i had no problem in confirming my admission to this school am currently in.(school of engineering  a.k.a Politecnico di Torino). I didn’t have any information prior to what to expect..all i knew was to do with the school. what i would be studying and how classes are like . nothing to do with the actual living..or the Italian culture and so on. But i maintained my choice of coming here. so yup that’s how i got here.

Can you briefly discuss what exactly you are doing in school,your first days in Turin and how you are going about in this non English speaking country. Do you have a problem with the language?

The words  “non-English speaking”..explains it all.  leave alone  how to say ” Ciao” which means hello, i knew nothing to do with Italian language the very first time i stepped in Italy. from the airport . yeah, so you can see where it all started!.  Language has been an issue and its still but not very very much like first days. so for my first year of school i did all my classes in English as i was given time to learn Italian language and then switching to all classes entirely taught in Italian the following years till i finish. I am majoring in Telecommunication engineering, the stuff i have always wanted to do and so far am loving it. Give me a computer and some GELATO (ice cream) then am good with you.(lol). i love ice cream over here!.  lets go back to the very first day..its mid morning,the plane touches Turin airport. bit sunny and windy..i mean the weather was fine compared to Brussels where i had to connect my flight. Nobody picked me up so i had to figure out my way to school. it was a week day so at least if i made it to school i would get some help to exactly where the university dorms are located.

Thanks to google maps. i printed out  from some random internet shop(that i don’t even remember paying the bill – lol ) and started my adventure of finding this famous engineering school in North Italy. Got into one of the airport shuttles and headed to a famous train station ..”Porta NUOVA” located right  to the center of the City. that’s like the starting point to go anywhere in Turin. From the train station i remember walking because i had no idea what Bus i was to take or route and so on. one thing i love about this city is the way, paths are organised.  so you are at ease if  you are finding a particular street and so on. i asked random people as i kept going just to make sure i was heading the right direction. some  answered me but it was in Italian..i had no idea what they were telling me all i did was just nodding and saying Thanks … so after 15 minutes i finally arrive to a building “POLITECNICO”. i put on a smile and walk right into it.  asked a random kid  to show me  where the international office was. That was the office i had knowledge about and which kept me informed before i arrived here. so in a few, i was given further directions to where my place of stay was. I remember very clearly my first day in Turin!. later that afternoon after having plenty of rest. i started exploring my surroundings at least know where to eat , play basketball and so on. and that’s how i discovered KEBAB arabic food, man Kebab is just awesome though not a healthy meal! but i give it 5/5. I  was really excited about the things i was to learn about this chocolate city and as the slogan goes “THE PASSION LIVES HERE”  its true the passion lives here. lol.  so yeah, school started like 5 days later so meanwhile i was just sleeping, walking around making new friends and constantly talking to my family back home assuring them am doing great and already missing them!. About the language, yes those first weeks i learned, my English was limited a bit..i wont use it everywhere. so the desire to learn Italian was born.

So how is your Italian at the moment?

Not bad at all. i mean am not that fluent but i can understand lots lots of Italian. though i still have a problem with speaking it. 1 and half yrs is just enough to know and understand but not like super fluent. But each day am working on it. soon i will be good.

Have you made friends? girlfriend or girlfriends? sorry if am getting too personal.

haha ..well yeah of coure i have made friends and yeah girlfriends too..please not the “s” at the end. but am single for now.which is ok. Not in a rush of anything.

What do you like most about being in Italy?

well, the fact that i am living in a country with a culture totally different from mine which gives me an opportunity to learn something new and explore,  i believe its the best thing ever!  its creates open mindedness. the idea of appreciating other people way of living. Of course, you have to go through culture shocks and so on and culture mix up. but that’s the basis of the whole point. After this i am sure i would have learned a lot and will have a story to share.

How long will you be in Italy?

well, for my school i have only 3 yrs to get done with the degree. I would love to stay more but i don’t know yet. even if i have to go away like for grad school or something in another country..i would definitely come back to visit again.

So what is a normal day for you in Italy, like how do you spent your tine?

My days are pretty much spent at school apart from weekends. i have classes that run all the way from 8:30 am to 18:00. some days i have “a half day”. but after a long week of school i get a weekend to relax a bit. it will depend with the weather outside. since i love bball, i usually hit the courts on sat and sun afternoons. and i usually sleep in on Saturdays if i  went out on previous night to party.en chill out with friends…i live with “party animals” ,how u can call them…but they are always out even in some days of the week.  what else..apart from balling, i like taking a stride to the city center, the parks and of course shopping a bit. i just do random stuff as long as am not bored. i don’t have like fixed schedule or something. I have amazing friends they always have something up for fun so am less bored.

Looks like you are having fun in this place. one last  question. Apart from Turin, where have you visited and did you like it there?

yep i have visited some other towns. starting from the famous one.Milan , Florence,Venice and other small cities but really beautiful. Mandello, Lecco, Varrena, and Rome.. i really like these places. I want to do like couple cities in south Italy too. I tell you, Italy is just a beautiful country. that’s for sure. as much as most sceneries are like old school but its designs are just fascinating. i would use a word artistic. its historic . for example Turin was the first capital of Italy and it has stories to do with Emperors  and wars during early years when Italy was born. Its just amazing.

wow!, yeah, i totally agree with you. so before we go. Any last words you would want to share with the audience or perhaps  some thoughts about your experience abroad?

alright. well, its been a pleasure to be here and speak out something. if you are out there and you are thinking of visiting Italy for touristic reasons or other reasons..i assure you of great experience. Of course expect culture shocks and mix up,but that’s normal when you visit countries like this. You will love the food, the cities and just in general. so if you are coming don’t hesitate. Thanks again.

Well, it was nice talking. enjoy the rest of your stay in Italy and we wish all the best in your studies!

*********THE END ***********


4 responses to “Special Blog Entries..

  1. Chiara

    April 17, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    “each day am working on it. soon i will be good.”
    You said it!!! will test you soon!! 😉

  2. christyne

    June 17, 2009 at 7:21 am

    Wish u well in everything. I keep telling u this ‘u surely will make it in life n will b proud of your success.’ You are on that journey

  3. Amanda Flanagan

    June 30, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Hey guy! Just read this —– so cool. Good for YOU for tracking yor experiences… I did it when we first met in Kenya way back now like almost 3 years ago, ama??? Ok not quite that long but the years are adding up my friend! Sawa, 2 at least! Well I wish you well, and what’s even more exciting is that soon you’ll have an entry about Canada! Waaaaaa, can you believe it? Somebody pinch me!

  4. openda

    June 30, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Haha thanks! u damn right!! its been a while but thats how it is!!.. appreciate life and record important things you will live to remember! yes CANADA entry is going to be the BOMB! thanks for dropping by!


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